A specialist team

Salta Horses works with a variety of specialist facilitators and qualified mental health professionals. We choose the best people for each job, based on your needs.

Our horses are selected based on their ability to interact with people to support support learning, and development.

Director Deirdre Ryan

Throughout my career of over three decades as a senior manager, leadership coach and consultant, I have been searching for a creative way for people to really tap into their potential.

I didn’t grow up in a horsy family, but I have always been obsessed with horses. Since a young age, I would do anything I could think of to be near them. There was something about them that helped me feel understood, calm and happy.

Through Salta Horses, I have finally merged this lifetime connection with horses and my passion for experiential learning, training and leadership coaching.

I completed my training in equine assisted learning through the Eagala model in 2011. Since that time, the Salta Horses team have offered horse assisted  learning with a variety of individuals, whānau and businesses across Canterbury.

My Spanish horses are my inspiration. They have shown me that to realise our potential we really do need to ‘take the leap’; the word ‘Salta’ is the Spanish translation for ‘leap’. I am excited to offer this opportunity to others. 

Hear more about Deirdre in this Braveheart Chch Video.

Our horses

Our horses are the real brains behind this operation. They are chosen for their suitability for this work.

They are living, breathing and authentic icebreakers, connectors,facilitators, teachers and collaborative partners.

Each horse has their own background and story; some have come from dire circumstances, while others have had high-flying careers.

They each have an important role in the Salta Horses herd.

We also work closely with not-for-profit Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven, who provide mini horses for our mobile therapy and professional development work.