A remarkable experience.

I have been somewhat afraid of horses since an incident in my teens, but with such warm support from the facilitators and within the group environment, the natural process of just being with the horses completely overcame any lack of confidence on my part.

The facilitators are clearly highly competent and deeply empathetic, and it was a very engaging and personally insightful experience.

Alison Ogier-Price
Mental Health Educator, Workplace Wellbeing

My experience in the round pen with the horses was a turning point for me both personally and professionally.

Suzie Milne

I volunteered to have a go in the ring with one of the horses.  At first I was nervous and did not really know what to expect.

After a while my nerves went and I started communicating with the horse.

It was an amazing up-lifting experience which I would recommend to everyone.

Social worker

Horses - I loved reading about them when a child, and growing up in a small rural village in Southland some of my friends were lucky enough to have their own ponies.

I spent time with them, and learned to ride - sort of.

But mostly my connection, and pleasure from association with animals, came from the domestic cats and dogs that were an important part of my city, and later life-style block life.

While living the 'good life' on this 30 acre block, I worked as a secondary teacher, and later, school counselor.

Understandably then when Deirdre offered me the chance of a 'Salta Experience' I was really keen to try.

And it was an EXPERIENCE - a really interesting one. For me, some of the fear, the uncertainty, of the unknown response of these large animals was still there, but it didn't last long, and wonderfully alongside that was the remembered joy of how domestic animals ( and for all I know maybe wild ones) can share and communicate an understanding with humans.

Big creatures, these horses, but so long as I offered respect it was returned, when I indicated a need it was answered - and gradually there was no need for fear or anxiety.

Jan Patterson

Wow, what an amazing experience it was.

It was a chance to get up close to something that was larger and much more powerful than me without feeling fear or anxiety. I was asked to do some simple activities that required me to enter into a contract with the horse.

Words like unconditional trust, setting aside any preconceived notions of how we communicate without words and faith in one’s own abilities come to mind when I think about that day.

I gained such a deep understanding of my own processes which were personal and unique.


We were 'used to have a pony as a kid' owners of our newly acquired  horse when we were recommended Jacob. He had the experience to handle our greenness as owners along with the good and not so good past history and experiences of our horse.

He taught both us and our horse in the calm, gentle but firm way we were looking for in a trainer who truly loves horses.

We recommend Jacob and attribute much of the great outcome we have had to him.

Melanie Ralph & Michelle Cole
Hawarden, North Canterbury

I had no idea what to expect and did feel a little apprehensive at first.

I'm a bit scared of horses, mostly because I don't know them or understand them, having not been brought up around them. They seemed quite frightening to me because they are so big and powerful.

Seeing the Salta horses at work gave me a new perspective, not only about horses themselves but also about our relationships with them.

But it doesn't stop there, the Salta experience, if you allow it, gives you insight into your relationships with other people as well as animals.

Something in the way we interact with the horses allows us to see who we are as people, how others see us, and, through the response of the horse, how we are accepted for who we are.

Lynne Brice
Organisational Director

Salta Horses was a wonderful experience. The horses are lovely and the team are so welcoming and accepting. Equine therapy made a huge difference to how I feel, not just when I was there but over the following weeks, and I'm sure it will last a long time. Thank you so much!

Some awesome feedback from a young person who has been coming to Salta Horses for several weeks.

I had the privilege of attending an Equine Assisted Learning session hosted by Salta Horses.

Now, I’m really not a horsey person, but it became quickly obvious what wonderful, honest life-guides these amazing creatures truly are.

Watching the opportunity for individuals to safely, gently explore their challenges, and path in life, with their chosen equine partner at their side, was very moving and uplifting. Seeing is believing – you too will be amazed.

Any individual or team will benefit from this unique experience in a wonderfully peaceful rural setting.

Open your mind and perform to your best. I cannot recommend this opportunity more highly.