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Leadership, Coaching, Team Building


Miranda Barnes, Group People Development Manager, Ryman Healthcare


Everyone loved it and most importantly have been able to link the learnings back to their own leadership and relationships. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Salta Horses conducted two, one-day workshops for fifty participants of the Melbourne Business School’s Ryman Healthcare Advanced Leadership Development Programme 2021.

Participants rated the overall Salta Horses experience 9.74 out of 10.


The Salta Horses Experience


All Salta Horses workshops are customised to meet the individual needs of your organisation, the challenges you face, and your goals. Workshops can be one day, two day or multi-day.


Salta Horses also offers one-on-one leadership coaching with Managing Director, Deirdre Ryan.


Here is a sample of the workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs:


One day wellbeing workshop for teams of up to 20 people

Escape the confines of your workplace and gently nudge your team out of their comfort zone with this one day workshop focusing on finding common ground, shared values, workplace wellbeing and resilience.


Flying Changes

Two-day workshop for teams up to 20 people

Focusing on leading through uncertainty, maximising team strengths and building a foundation of trust and purpose, Flying Changes is a powerful way to problem solve and promote team building.


True Unity

Optional one day add-on to the above workshops


Ideally taking place two to three weeks after your previous workshop, True Unity is an opportunity to further unpack the learnings and explore insights gained.

Lead On

Immersive coaching programme for CEOs and leaders

Learn those hard to put your finger on people skills that make a leader truly effective, such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy and communication skills. Lead On is designed for emerging leaders and those seeking to improve their core leadership skills. It combines one-on-one coaching with Deirdre Ryan with facilitated personal development sessions with the Salta Horses herd.

What you will learn


Today’s busy lifestyle and fast-paced work environments leave little room for us to focus on the present moment. Being around horses encourages us to focus on the here and now - their sheer size and presence cannot be ignored. This state of mindfulness creates the space for reflection, creativity and change.

Our interactions with the horses can sometimes reflect what is happening in the workplace, allowing for safe and solutions-focused conversations. You will discover new ways of working with colleagues and learn how to think outside the square in order to problem-solve together.

Horses are also great equalisers because they respond to us honestly, regardless of our status in the workplace. Observing herd dynamics can help us to recognise patterns and behaviours in our own organisation that we may wish to change.

Ben Cones and H.jpg

How it works

Through our experiential learning and development programmes, you’ll explore workplace
challenges and opportunities through interacting with the horses.
This unique facilitated process enables collaboration, communication and accelerates the
learning process.
You’ll interact with our horses in a safe, enclosed area and remain on the ground with no horse riding involved, no horse experience necessary.


Outcomes for you and your team may include:


- Stronger team cohesion and leadership.

- Greater diversity of approaches and thinking.

- Greater clarity of team purpose and shared values.

- Deeper self-awareness.

- Improved change management processes.

- New strategic insights.

You’ll need to dress for the weather, with closed-in, sturdy footwear.




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