Strengthen team development and performance

We provide unforgettable learning and development programmes that will strengthen your team's ability to utilise their strengths, to lead from within and to achieve measurable results.


Work with the Salta Horses herd combined with a facilitated process, will empower your team to take a creative approach to overcoming workplace challenges. 


We offer full and half day customised team retreats in North Canterbury, designed to meet the outcomes you are seeking for your organisation. Rates are negotiable for not-for-profit and community organisations.

LeadON - Hands on leadership development

Learn those hard to put your finger on skills that make a leader truly effective are more essential in workplaces today than ever before.

This unique practical leadership programme is designed for emerging leaders and those seeking to improve their soft skills. It combines one on one coaching with outdoor personal development work with the horses as teachers.


The programme;

LeadON runs over six weeks and is limited to four participants per programme.

Part One - Initial discovery session at your workplace with results based coach Deirdre Ryan to gain an understanding of your unique leadership challenges and opportunities.


Part Two - An unforgettable day of outdoor hands-on learning where 500kgs of horsepower provides real-time feedback on your leadership practice.

This part of the programme is specifically designed to strengthen effective leadership through improving your self- awareness, emotional regulation, empathy and communication skills.


Part three - Two follow up coaching sessions with Deirdre Ryan, aimed to apply and consolidate your leadership practice.


Ongoing workplace coaching is available by arrangement.


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What you will learn

Today’s busy lifestyle and fast-paced work environments leave little room for us to focus on the present moment. Being around horses encourages us to focus on the here and now - their sheer size and presence cannot be ignored. This state of mindfulness creates the space for reflection, creativity and change.

Our interactions with the horses can sometimes reflect what is happening in the workplace, allowing for safe and solutions-focused conversations. You will discover new ways of working with colleagues and learn how to think outside the square in order to problem-solve together.

Horses are also great equalisers because they respond to us honestly, regardless of our status in the workplace. Observing herd dynamics can help us to recognise patterns and behaviours in our own organisation that we may wish to change.

How it works

Through our experiential learning and development programmes, you’ll explore workplace challenges and opportunities through interacting with the horses.


This unique facilitated process enables collaboration, communication and to speed up the learning process.


You’ll interact with our horses in a safe, enclosed area and remain on the ground with no horse riding involved, no horse experience necessary.


You’ll need to dress for the weather, with closed-in, sturdy footwear.

Outcomes for your team may include:

  • Stronger team cohesion and leadership

  • Improved communication

  • Greater employee morale and workplace wellbeing

  • Creative problem-solving skills

  • Clarity of team purpose and shared values

  • Greater self-confidence and self-awareness 
among staff

  • Reduced stress and fatigue

  • Conflict resolution

  • Improved change management processes

  • New strategic insights


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Wow, what an amazing experience.

It was a chance to get up close to something that was larger and much more powerful than me without feeling fear or anxiety. I was asked to do some simple activities that required me to enter into a contract with the horse.

Words like unconditional trust, setting aside any preconceived notions of how we communicate without words and faith in one’s own abilities come to mind when I think about that day.

I gained such a deep understanding of my own processes which were personal and unique.

- Ruby