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Managing Director - Deirdre Ryan

Throughout my career of over three decades as a senior manager, leadership coach and consultant, I have been searching for a creative way for people to really tap into their potential.

I didn’t grow up in a horsy family, but I have always been obsessed with horses. Since a young age, I would do anything I could think of to be near them. There was something about them that helped me feel seen, heard, understood and calm.

Through Salta Horses, I have finally merged this lifetime connection with horses and my passion for experiential learning, training and leadership coaching.

I have been certificated in equine assisted learning  since 2011. I am also currently undertaking study in Equusoma: Horse - Human trauma recovery. I am trained as a  partnership broker with Thought Partners and have recently completed Kaila Colbin's Dare To Lead programme based on the research of Brene Brown.

Every day, I feel humbled and privileged to be part of making a difference in the world for as many people and as many horses as possible, through this truly amazing work.

My Spanish horses are my inspiration. They have shown me that to realise our potential we really do need to ‘take the leap’; the word ‘Salta’ is the Spanish translation for ‘leap’.


Our horses and their care


Our horses are central to our community. They have come to us through different pathways, often from a life of hardship and trauma. Some have been disregarded because they are not seen as having any value in our world. For some reason, in spite of what they have been through, they forgive us, welcome us into their lives and do their best for us. Such is their extraordinary generosity and warmhearted spirit.

Our care for the horses encompass four key areas, nutrition, environment, health and behaviour.

Under these four pillars, we have tried as much as possible, to replicate the natural environment where their ancestors thrived.  The horses live together in open space. They have access to shelter and have covers on when the weather is cold and wet. 


They self regulate their food intake by having access to rough forage day and night and have two small feeds daily of minerals and salt, to keep their gut healthy and working well. We tend to them daily to ensure they are healthy and well, and we allow them the space to just be horses.


Our horses are kept barefoot and have regular trims to make sure they are sound. Our horses know enough about interacting with humans to be safe, but as much as possible we allow them the space to be themselves and let their hearts shine.

We have several different horses, some tiny and some much bigger. The horses do not work for us every day, when they are not up to it, they don't work. This is important because horses are silent sufferers. It is our job as guardians of the horse, to ensure that their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing is upheld.

Horses are living, breathing  authentic, connectors, facilitators, teachers and collaborative partners. How fortunate are we to have them in our lives.


We collaborate closely with our horse community, including  Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven and @calmhealthyhorses.

Our people


We collaborate with a range of specialist facilitators and qualified mental health professionals to ensure that we meet your specific needs.


The same applies with our horses, who bring their own life experiences and life history. Bringing together the natural outdoor environment, our welcoming people and gentle generous horses, creates a supportive space for you to tune into what really matters for you.