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How our approach works

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Interacting with horses through simple, goal-oriented activities will help you to learn more about yourself and others in a way that is easy to apply to your personal and professional life.

People typically learn best by doing which is the beauty of our hands-on and engaging setting. You’ll interact with our gentle horses in way and at a pace that is best for you.


There is no horse riding or horse equipment involved. Anyone can take part, even if you have never been near a horse before. Powerful insights can emerge just through observing and being near the horses who are free to move at any time.

Like us, horses are strongly socially connected . They are highly aware of their surroundings and each other and are the worlds experts at reading and responding to non-verbal messages, making them great teachers. They sometimes can behave and respond to situations in ways that feel familiar to experiences in our everyday lives.


When we work on our challenges with them, we also learn how to expand our own ability to manage unexpected and sometimes traumatic events and situations.

Our work with our beautiful horses, is effective for individuals, whānau, business people and organisations facing everyday challenges. It can be particularly suitable  for people who find social situations and traditional learning environments difficult.


In addition to adults, we regularly work with young people and families. Our facilities are fully accessible and safe.

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