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The Quiet Achiever at Work

Updated: May 15, 2021

Who are your quiet achievers at work? This is Chaska. She was named after the Inka goddess of dawn and dusk, the colour of her rich golden coat. Chaska’s Kaimanawa cousins roam the desert beneath Mount Ruapehu. She is a strong minded, generous little horse, just like her mother Nakita.

Chaska is our quiet achiever, who nimbly navigates her way through life’s daily the ups and downs. When there are disruptions within the herd, Chaska steps away and finds a peaceful spot to be. She is the first to be ready to work with our clients and the first to melt away out of sight once her job is done.

Over the years as a leader, I have seen several human versions like Chaska in my teams. These exceptional people typically work effectively without a fuss or agenda, but with a certain toughness and grit.

I believe that it is vital for us to pay attention to our quiet achievers and how they are doing, because just like horses, they can sometimes tolerate suffering in silence.

Who are your quiet achievers at work? How do you know what supports them to thrive through your leadership?

Managing Director – Salta Horses


Salta provides unique, practical leadership programmes designed for emerging leaders and those seeking to improve their people-skills. It combines one-on-one coaching, with outdoor learning and development work with horses as the teachers.

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