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Workplace Wellness - Equine Style

Our horses have come to us through different pathways, often from a life of hardship and trauma. Some have been disregarded because they are not considered to have any value in our world. In spite of what they have been through, they forgive us, welcome us into their lives and do their best for us. Such is their extraordinary generosity and warm-hearted spirit.

Caring for our equine team involves four key areas of nutrition, environment, health and how we interact with them. We try as much as possible, to replicate the natural setting where their ancestors thrived, living together as a herd in open spaces.They have access to shelter and are rugged when the weather is cold and wet. Our horses have hay and rough forage available day and night, fresh water and two small feeds daily of Calm Healthy Horses minerals and salt, to keep their system healthy and working well.

Our horses are kept barefoot and have regular trims to make sure they are sound. They know enough about interacting with humans to both feel and be safe, but as much as possible we allow them the space to be themselves and let their hearts shine. The horses do not work every day, when they are not up to it, they don't work. This is important because horses are silent sufferers. It is our job as their guardians to ensure that their emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing is upheld.

Our horses are living, breathing authentic, connectors, facilitators and teachers. How fortunate are we to have them in our lives.

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